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Friday, March 21, 2008

Amelia's First Easter!

Mommy had to work on Easter, so Amelia got up with her bright and early (5:00am) to see what the easter bunny had brought! The easter bunny made a mistake though, he brought her chocolate and jelly beans! Mommy and Daddy had to help her eat it since she was still too little. Amelia loved her soft, fluffy lamb and her fuzzy bunny ears. Mommy hated to leave her on her first easter, but daddy got up and took her to easter Sunday and then to see some family at Aunt Stacy's house, including her cousin Hollynn. She had so much fun!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good Bye Houston!

Amelia went to her first Wedding. Aimee Bertrand, a friend from college, got married in H0uston, Tx so Amelia took a road trip with the girls! We travel with the Caulfield's, Ms. Pam, Ms. Cornelia and of course Eric. We had fun counting cows and partying the whole weekend long. Amelia's only complaint was the traffic. Her howls echoed across the interstate as we sat in hours and hours of traffic. And to that we say Good by Houston!!!