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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall is in the air!

On our first cold weekend of the fall my parents and sisters came for a visit. Amelia helped Glen make us a nice fire and we attempted to roast some marshmallows. I am happy to report there were no injuries by my sister Hanna did almost burn my face off as she pulled her flaming mallow from the fire! We had a great time and good food as always.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We are back!

I know it has been awhile but I tried to update everyone on the past several months in the posts below. Here is a recent picture of Amelia and her Cousins Bella and Hollynn. Oh, and if you don't know yet... WE'RE PREGNANT... AGAIN!

The 1st Morris Family Beach Trip

The last week in September we took our first Morris only family beach trip to Sea Grove, FL. We had a great time, the weather was perfect and the water was warm. Amelia played on the beach the whole day. She even took a couple naps out there. She help glen build sandcastles and played in the water non-stop. I was very impressed when she even wanted to go out into the waves. We are so thankful to have a child that loves the beach as much as we do. It was nice to get away just the three of us, especially since we have one on the way.

Labor Day Zoo Trip

Labor day The Morris' joined the Hembree's for a fun day at the Zoo. It was Amelia's first experience around wild animals and she was amazed. We end the trip a little early because she was getting so tired, but she did manage to muster up some energy for the petting area. She was especially drawn to the goats! She immediately fell asleep when we got in the car, but she woke up when we got home to enjoy some watermelon.

I can't recall August!

I honestly can't remember what we did in August! It went by way too fast. We did go out and celebrate Glen's Aunt Sherri's Birthday! Amelia and cousin Hollynn had a fun playing in Adam's new Mustang. Amelia also helped me make a chocolate cake for Aunt Sherri!

Pigtails and Pregnancy

Ok, this picture is actually from July. Amelia finally has enough hair for pig tails! I am so excited we can say good-bye to the days of "he so handsome" and look forward to "what a precious little GIRL"! After we put Amelia's hair in piggys we took Glen to our favorite place to eat, Trace Grill, to tell the big news. That's right, we are having another Baby Morris! And if you are wondering, no we are not finding out what it is!

The Joys of June and July

I would love to share all the pictures I have of the fun things we did in June, but they have all been erased. I accidentally deleted all the picture on my camera, but I only had a few pictures on the camera so I was not too upset. I did erase the pictures of Amelia's first Ole Miss baseball game at Trustmark Park! She had a great time until the 9th inning. Then she was ready to hit the sack. I also had pictures from the 4th of July. We spent the day in Meridian with Glen's family playing the annual bingo game. When we got back we stopped by Carol Ann's house for fireworks. This is one picture I am so happy I didn't erase. Amelia LOVES her cowboy boots. She dressed herself in this outfit and posed for the camera.

Memories of May

. In may we went to Gulf shores, AL with my whole family. It is our annual Memorial day and week following trip. We had a great time with beautiful weather. Amelia enjoyed playing in the sand this year but was still weary of the water. She had a few brave moments but preferred to be in the pool! Glen and to leave early, but Amelia and I stayed the entire week. Can't wait to do it again next year.