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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Banks Allen Eaton is here! My friends Amanda and Eric had their first baby and he is sooooo cute! We had a great time waiting for his arrival. Amelia and I got there around 11:30 am to visit with Amanda and Eric as we waited on the precious Banks to arrive. You might be wondering about the crowns and wands. Well it all started when Amelia was born... Amanda, Carol Anne and Bethany dressed up as fairy godmothers to welcome Amelia into the world. And so the tradition began! We had a lot of fun. Carol Anne's dad made us all t-shirts to wear and I made Amelia a t-shirt to go along... "fairy godsister" We also had a couple of wanna be fairly godmothers, they are in the pink. My favorite part of the day is when Banks was born and they had taken he into the transition room. At womans hospital you can watch them transition from the windows. Glen held Amelia up and she intently watched everything they did to Banks. She was very excited to see her new friend and future house boy!