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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Anna and Jerz's Wedding

Amelia and I traveled back to Nashville for a fun filled wedding weekend. I spent Thursday on the boat with the Walkers and the Bridal Party! We had so much fun eating, drinking and relaxing. We have done this for each one of our friends that has gotten married! It is such a fun tradition. On Friday I went to the bridesmaids luncheon at the Factory in Franklin. The food was fantastic and we all looked beautiful. My mom and sisters came along to watch Amelia and my friend Ashley's kids Walker and Emory. They played at the paint your own pottery studio during the party. That night we had the rehearsal and dinner. Katelynn was my date because Glen couldn't make it and neither could her boyfriend Trey. Katelynn was the best date, I miss hanging out with her now that we live so far apart. On Saturday we got ready to give Anna away at her wedding! Well, I guess her dad gave her away, but it felt like we did too. After the church wedding there was a small reception in the fellowship hall and then it was off to the real party at an amazing house up on a hill in Brentwood. We had dinner, a DJ and a whole heck of a lot of fun! My mom and sisters came with Amelia and then were kind enough to take her home so I could enjoy the party with my friends! We had a great time. The next day we went to visit my Brother and his family. We had to get one last glance at Daniel and Miriam before we left, they grow so fast and I did not know when we would see them again.