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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aunt Debbie's Visit

At the end of January Glen's Aunt Debbie came to visit. We have not seen her in several years and she had never met Amelia, Hollynn or Bella. We decided to see how she would do giving the girls a bath. Aunt Debbie never had children and the girls definitely took advantage of that! If you can't tell by the picture Aunt Debbie is soaked from the neck down and over half of the bath water is actually on the bathroom floor! They look so innocent in their pj's:)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Locked out!

I don't usually write a whole lot on this blog, but after a certain event 2 days ago I felt the need to share. Amelia and I had just arrived back from the grocery store. It was very cold outside, 37 degrees by my car thermometer. I decided to unlock the front door for Amelia so she could go inside and I would go back to get the groceries out of the car... bad idea. I decided I was going to carry all the bags so I had an arm full as I was walking back to the house. To my dismay, Amelia had shut the front door. I would now have to put everything down and open it again. Unfortunately I underestimated the abilities of my 2 year old and found the door to be LOCKED! I looked down to see a pair of large brown eyes glaring at me through the glass on the door and then noticed my keys and cell phone sitting on the table inside. I requested politely for the door to be unlocked, but my politeness was met with an almost angry "NO!" I requested again, this time not so politely, and again I received a "NO!" followed by a couple more "no, no, no.." and my darling daughter trailed off into the house. I was just a little upset at this point and began to look for an alternate route in. I looked through windows to see if I could get a glimpse of the mischief that was occurring inside my house. With no other way in and no sign of Amelia, I went back to the front door and knocked. I was happy to see her running back through the house to the door. I was not met with the same excitement. She looked at me from behind the glass as if I was the one in trouble and uttered that single annoying word once again... "NO!" I began to threaten this time which only made matters worse and she once again retreated back into the house. My only option at this point was to hope that my neighbor was home and would allow me to call Glen at work. But before I tucked my tail and ran I decided to give this one more try. This time I rang the door bell, she loves ringing the door bell. She ran to see who it was, again disappointed to find me there again. I smiled at her as if she had won and said "Amelia, do you know what I have out here? I have groceries. And do you know what is inside the grocery bag? FRUIT SNACKS!" Her expression dramatically changed as if to say "fruit snacks, well why didn't you say so, of course I will let you in". She ran to get a chair and quickly unlocked the door... and lets just say she didn't get fruit snacks:)

Bella's Birthday

Last Saturday was Amelia's cousin Bella's 1st Birthday. It was a heart theme and everything was so cute, and yummy. The girls enjoyed cupcakes, and so did I. It is hard to believe Bella is already 1. She is walking just as good as the big girls now and sometimes I mistake her for Amelia. The 3 of them look more like sisters than cousins!

Friday, January 1, 2010