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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I hosted a shower for my friend Amanda at my house sad.... this is the only picture I have. I had to use my mom's camera because my batteries died in mine... so if you are reading this mom I need some pictures! The shower went off without a hitch, which is surprising considering the events that occurred the days prior. It all started that Tuesday. I was suppose to go and get my hair done, but right before I left the daycare called and said Amelia was throwing up and I needed to pick her up. Amelia has a history of reflux so I just knew they were over reacting, so I called my hair people and told them I would be a little late. When I arrived at the daycare I was greeted by the owner who asked me if I brought a suppository... "a suppository?" I thought to myself, "I thought she was vomiting?" ... Then I made it back to her room where I found her wrapped in sheets... her clothes were a little dirty to say the least... and her poor teacher had a scrub jacked as a shirt and a towel around her waist. Again I was asked if I brought a suppository! I said no and that we were going to the doctor, still a little confused. I am sure you thinking by now "she brought a change of cloths for Amelia, right?" Well, I did not... so I took my naked baby to the doctor wrapped in a sheet. On the way I called my hair people and told them I would need to reschedule. So we get to the doctor and Amelia is still throwing up. Actually she was more dry heaving, poor thing! So the doctor checks her out and concludes she has a stomach virus! This means there is nothing you can do but pedi-lyte and rest... booooooo! He said they use to give suppositories for those things but not anymore for children under 2 years old. What the crap? I just had to ask "What does a suppository do for vomiting?" Turns out everyone was referring to Phenergan suppositories! (that is an anti nausea med.) It all makes so much more sense! Anyways... so we go home and do the pedi-lyte and rest thing. We get up the next day and take it easy, run a couple errands, and then we come back home and, yep you guessed it, I got sick. Never in my life have been so sick! I was up the whole night throwing up... I really should of gone to the hospital, I got very dehydrated! But Glen was wonderful... with Amelia, not me, he does not do throw-up. Well he was wonderful until the next morning (Thursday) when he woke up....SICK! I was still recovering from my night from you know where and Amelia was still not well enough to go to daycare! So there we sat, glen on one couch, me on the other and Amelia crawling between us. Glen's boss was nice enough to bring us some Gatorade, about all I could keep down. Have I mentioned that I am throwing a baby shower on Saturday? By that afternoon I find that I am still feeling like death and I give Carol Anne a call. Her and her mom were suppose to come over and help me cook on Friday. I give her the update on my family and she volunteers herself and her mother to do it all! I love her! With that taken care of all I really need to do is clean my house! Surly by Friday I will be well enough to clean.... right? Not so much. It still took everything I had to keep chicken soup down. And then the phone rings and Glen answers... it's the real estate agent, oh yeah we are suppose to close on our house next week! She politely tells us we will need to be out by Monday! Ha! Are you kidding, we were planning on moving the next weekend! This must be a joke! But it was not and so we called in reinforcements. My entire family drove down from Nashville Friday night. Mom cleaned in the morning, Dad helped Glen move stuff we did not need out of the house, and my sisters watched Amelia. It was crazy, but it all worked out! As soon as the last person left the shower we moved everything we could out of the house! I don't know what we would have done with out family!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Good bye 208 Calhoun Drive...

We have sold our house and I really did not think it would be this sad. We are set to close August 21st but we might have to move out before then because the buyer's son will be starting high school. We are excited about the new house we are building but I hate we have to leave our cute little neighborhood and wonderful neighbors. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008